Wallingford residents live in a large town, with a small-town feel. We can safely walk through our New England downtown at night to enjoy a restaurant, or we can stroll through our neighborhoods in the evenings, all with a feeling of safety and security. We can send our children to strong and safe public schools. We enjoy reliable, inexpensive utilities. All of these benefits of living in Wallingford come at an affordable mill rate.

However, we will potentially face some expensive "big ticket" items in the next couple of years: possible upgrades/consolidations to the middle and high schools (upwards of $100 million), an upgrade to our wastewater treatment plant to address the issue of phosphorous (approximately $60 million), and an overhaul of Community Pool (approximately $7 million). My main focus as a Town Councilor is to act as a steward of your hard-earned money.

I work to balance the needs of the community with what we can afford. I will continue to work for and with you, to ensure that our town services continue and improve, but also remain affordable.

Paid for by Christina Tatta for Town Council; Patrick Birney, Treasurer